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Sri Lanka President plan to visit China again
2016-06-30 15:16
Daily Mirror - President Maithripala Sirisena will soon visit China again on an invitation extended to him by President Xi Jinping, Skills Development and Vocationl Training Minister Mahinda Smarassinghe said on 3rd June. He told the media that President Sirisena had cultivated what he called ‘an unparalleled prestige and respect among the global community and as a result he was held in high esteem by world leaders. 

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena

He said the canard being spread by the joint opposition that Sri Lanka under the consensual government was aligning with the West was baseless and malicious. The minister said the Maithripala Sirisena government followed a foreign policy based on mutual respect and understanding. 

"China has been Sri Lanka's friend in good times and in bad and has never done anything hostile to Sri Lanka. Therefore, we always treat China as one of our best friends, investors, entrepreneurs and Chinese tourists are always welcome. 

"The invitation President Sirisena received to participate in the G7 summit in Japan was a reflection of the confident and respect bestowed upon Sri Lanka led by him. They appreciate the efforts taken by him and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to restore the rule of law, strengthen democratic institutions and human rights, end to corruption and mismanagement." the minister said. 

"As a person who directly interacted with the global agencies on behalf of Sri Lanka under the previous administration I know how Sri Lanka was treated by the international community. The current President and Prime Minister have totally changed that hostile and invasive attitude towards Sri Lanka and the people are reaping the benefits now. The EU has lifted the ban fish exports from Sri Lanka while the GSP+ facility is expected to be revived before the end of this year. " the minister said.

At present, the development of Sri Lanka is attracting more and more countries, enterprises and tourists to visit there. The 2nd China Products Show (Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 22- 24, 2016) is the best business platform which provides a good opportunity for Chinese companies to understand and develop in the Sri Lanka market. We look forward you to participating in the show to explore Sri Lanka market and support you in finding your perfect match business partner.
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